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A few words from the artistic directors…

Susie and Matthias have concertized, laughed, argued and enjoyed each other’s company both here and abroad for the past 20 years! It is with great pleasure that we are working together to create the 2014 season devoted to “NATURE”!

The Festival has distinguished itself over the past eleven years by presenting new and outlandish productions of the highest quality at unusual venues, until now, in Old Montreal. This year Nature will be well served in the green and pleasant setting of McGill University. In addition to Redpath and Pollack halls, we have discovered some new spaces that we hope will enhance your appreciation of the music. The Redpath Museum and the Tanna Schulich lobby are blessed with interesting acoustics as well as some unusual features. It will be the first time that the Festival presents concerts in the company of a dinosaur!

Nature has always been an inspiration for composers and musicians; birdsong, storms, rushing streams, gentle breezes, cracking ice and barking dogs are part of the musical vocabulary that spice this year’s festival! From Medieval hunting songs to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Bach cantatas and a complete day devoted to the music of Beethoven, (including his Pastoral Symphony and Spring Sonata), Nature will be our tour guide through four centuries of music!

These four days of musical immersion will enlighten us about the relationship of music to Nature and perhaps inspire reflection about human nature and the love of music.

Naturally… we invite you to join us for some refreshing music-making at the 2014 Montreal Baroque Festival!

Susie and Matthias
Co-artistic directors
Montreal Baroque Festival