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Maple sugar and sugar cane, a match made in heaven! ... The festival remembers the 6th edition in 2008: Syrup, Silk and Saffron ... and you?

Our concerts normally take place at a reasonable hour, but Susie Napper invited her audience for 7am to hear the first performance of a daylong concert in the crypt of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours! Festivalgoers also climbed the 90 steps to the tower for another concert venue complete with magnificent woodwork and stained-glass windows. The program featuring early music from all cultures, ended with a grand performance when maple sugar gave way to sugarcane with Versailles-Vaudou, featuring the fascinating history of Haiti, French music, dance, songs and voodoo.

Anecdote: for every festival Susie likes offer a little something to eat or drink after a concert. The menus concocted by Susie, are always tested by the volunteers, who get to try them during the pre-festival preparatory meeting! If you have memories, photos, anecdotes ... share them with us on Facebook!

From the 2008 Festival archives: