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A brief history

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017, the Montreal Baroque Festival was first launched by cellist-gambits Susie Napper, in 2003. Unique, creative and colourful, the festival offers concerts by local, national and international stars playing music from the Renaissance to the Baroque eras and beyond. Joined, in 2013, by co-artistic director, Matthias Maute, German recorder virtuoso, composer and director of Ensemble Caprice, the festival offers a fresh perspective on early music performance that has earned critical acclaim, full attendance and generous support from all levels of government.


The festival mandate is to promote creative performances of early music on period instruments.

  1. To confirm Montreal's reputation as a world-class center for early music, presenting local, national and international stars to share Montreal stages and ideas ! The many broadcasts on SRC, CBC and festival recordings on the ATMA Classique label ensure the festival's international presence and ongoing reputation.
  2. To promote the beauties of the Montreal neighbourhood where the festival takes place by seeking out unusual, unlikely venues for concerts that enhance the listeners concert experience.
  3. To offer a special place for young musicians, offering them a stage alongside experienced performers, and organizing conferences and master classes at a professional level for the next generation.


From it's inception, the festival has offered a varied and colourful array of concerts anchored in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries with creative flare to provoke thought and inspire the imagination ! Each festival has had an unusual theme creating a unique series of concerts.

15e Festival Montréal Baroque 2017 – Cirque Montréal Circus
14e Festival Montréal Baroque 2016 – Tempête dans un verre d’eau – Tempest in a teapot
13e Festival Montréal Baroque 2015 – Earth ETHER et Terre
12e Festival Montréal Baroque 2014 – La Nature
11e Festival Montréal Baroque 2013 – Nouveaux Mondes – New Worlds
10e Festival Montréal Baroque 2012 – Tranformations & Revelations
  9e Festival Montréal Baroque 2011 – VII péchés capitaux – Deadly Sins
  8e Festival Montréal Baroque 2010 – Musique des Sphères
  7e Festival Montréal Baroque 2009 – Chocolat à mort
  6e Festival Montréal Baroque 2008 – Sirop, soie, safran – Syrup, Silk, Saffron
  5e Festival Montréal Baroque 2007 – Du ciel aux enfers – From heaven to hell
  4e Festival Montréal Baroque 2006 – Marais-Mozart
  3e Festival Montréal Baroque 2005 – D’amour et d’eau salée – O